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Tool Systems for Machining Cast Iron and Chilled Cast Iron Rolls

SPK® Precision Tools for Roll Machining

CBN, SPK® mixed ceramics and various coated cutting materials from CeramTec with matching tool systems are available for rough machining and finishing of rolls.

CeramTec offers an extensive range of cutting materials and precision tools for re-profiling and post-profiling cast iron and chilled cast iron rolls. The experienced machining experts at CeramTec develop solutions from these that set the highest technical and economic standards for roll machining.

Roll Machining Performance Data

MaterialDuctile cast iron rolls, gray cast iron rolls with and without graphite in the working layer, chilled cast iron rolls
Types of machining  
Cutting materials - mixed ceramics SH2, SH4
- CBN WBN 100, WBN 101, WBN 750
- coated versions 


Rough machining, finishing

Cutting data recommendationsvc > 1,000 m/min
fz > 0.14 mm
KSS +