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SPK® Tool Systems for Milling


The PFK90-TN is also available with small diameters as screw-on and as end mill. That’s how slots can be process reliable milled with best cutting values.

PFK90-TN milling system in silver
  • Entering angle 90°
  • Negative inserts with wedge clamping


  • Face milling, corner milling
  • Roughing
  • Semi finishing (Ra- value up to 6.3 µm)
  • Milling of GJL (GG) and GJS (GGG) material
      • Wide application range
      • Single and mass production
      • With and without coolant applicable
        Graphical illustration of the dimensions of the PFK90-TN milling cutter
        Please click to enlarge the table
        Please click to enlarge the table