SPK® Tool Systems for Milling

Milling Tools for Face and Shoulder Milling with SPK® Cutting Materials

CeramTec continuously develops new tool systems as well as ceramic cutting materials and insert geometries for different milling operations, which are characterized by outstanding performance and are easy and safe to handle.

Discover the right SPK® tool systems for your milling applications now:

SPK® Tooling System

TypeComponent StabilitySurface QualityMilling Cutter
Corner MillingPFK90TN for 90°
Shoulder Milling
Corner MillingPFK88SN 
Groove MillingPFK90TN for
Groove Milling
Helical Milling


High-Feed Milling


Rogh Milling

Rough Milling

Rogh MillingPFK90TN for 90°
Shoulder Milling
Rogh MillingPFK88SN 
Rogh MillingPFK75SN 
Rogh MillingPFK45SN 
Rogh MillingPFK47HD 
Rogh MillingPFK47HN 
Rogh MillingPFL88SP 
Rogh MillingPFL75SP 
Rogh MillingPFL45SP 
Rogh MillingPFL43OP 
Rogh MillingPFL43OE 
Rogh MillingPFL43ON 
Rogh Milling


Finish MillingPMKSN  
Finish MillingPMKSSN  
Finish MillingPDKSN 
Finish MillingPEKSN  
Finish MillingPPCSP 
Finish MillingPPCMSX 
Finish MillingPMCOP 
Finish MillingPMCMOP 
Finish MillingMFSSN  
Hard MillingPFKRN
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SPK® Whitepaper

Milling Cast Iron Materials with Ceramic, PcBN and Cermet Cutting Materials

Milling with ceramic cutting materials, CBN and Cermet has been one of the well-engineered machining technologies for many years. Modern ceramic cutting materials and HPC milling cutters are today able to offer maximum performance and process reliability. However, practical use shows that milling with carbide inserts remains the primary field of application and is often the reason why many users forgot essential technical and economic benefits in spite of all these systems have to offer. The SPK® Whitepaper “Milling Cast Iron Materials with Ceramic, CBN and Cermet Cutting Materials” deals with this topic and details the best methods of face milling cast iron components together with the right milling cutter using Ceramic, CBN and Cermet inserts. It covers subjects such as milling different cast iron materials (CGI, ADI, etc.), cutting parameters for ceramic cutting materials, CBN and Cermet and the milling application method in detail.

The SPK® Whitepaper “Milling Cast Iron Materials with Ceramic, CBN and Cermet Cutting Materials” is available in digital format as a PDF file for downloading. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please visit this request page and complete the form there. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a link to your download.

Individual solutions for your challenges

Milling with SPK® ceramic cutting materials offers outstanding potential in productivity and cost-cutting at high process reliability. According to the machining requirements and the workpiece situation, SPK® provides milling systems with negative or positive insert geometries – either with wedge or screw clamping. Milling systems with height adjustable insert seats have a particularly wide application range. Thereby a large number of fast and precise face milling tasks can be performed. SPK® milling tools can be equipped with different coated and uncoated inserts depending on the task at hand.

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