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Hard Turning with SPK® IKS-PRO Mini for Small Incircles

SPK® Precision Tools for Hard Turning

Now it’s possible to always have the right tool for every hard turning job and meet the very high demands on position and shape tolerances as well as surface qualities thanks to the clamping systems developed by SPK®. Used together with SPK® cutting ceramics, the clamping systems achieve the tightest tolerances with complete process reliability.

Clamping system for small incircles (≥ 6.35 mm)

SPK® IKS-Pro Mini

SPK® IKS-PRO Mini is a newly developed clamping system based on the IKS-PRO. IKS-PRO’s proven notch geometry has been enhanced to meet the special needs of hard turning using solid inserts with a 9.52 mm incircle. The form-fit and force-fit connection helps the insert return to the insert seating and provides extremely stable and secure clamping during hard turning. The cutting forces that act upon the insert and clamping system during hard-fine machining are optimally distributed across the entire insert seating and base.

This makes IKS-PRO Mini the clamping system of choice for achieving the tightest tolerances with complete process reliability for continuous to slightly/heavily interrupted cuts. Moreover, IKS-PRO Mini excels with its simple, fast and practical handling, ensuring the reproduction of the highest demands in quality even in daily use.