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Increase Service Life, Expand Applications, Lower Costs

Ceramic Seal and Regulator Technology in Mechanical Engineering

Ceramic seal and regulator technology has a positive impact on the productivity, dependability, aging characteristics and operating costs of industrial equipment and household appliances.

CeramTec offers a broad spectrum of materials to create the technical ceramics used in manufacturing appliances and other consumer goods. Alumina can be used whenever insulation is required, whereas silicon carbide excels in thermal conductivity and silicon nitride provides strength and durability. In instances where expansion coefficients are key, zirconium oxide is the material of choice.

What all of these ceramic materials have in common is their unsurpassed wear resistance and chemical resistance to aggressive media that flow through components at high temperatures and under high pressure. This means that components made from these materials satisfy even the most stringent requirements when it comes to functionality, long service life and cost effectiveness in equipment and mechanical engineering.

Chemical resistance, efficiency with gas-tight seals and diamond-like hardness are compelling arguments for using ceramics in seal and regulator technology. Under ideal circumstances components can be axially demolded, making it possible to use the affordable pressed disk method of production. CeramTec can also manufacture more complex molds using injection molding. Grinding, polishing and rotofinishing are some of the mechanical finishing options available for ensuring tight tolerances and improving surface finish quality.

Sealing, Regulating and Controlling with Ceramics in Equipment and Mechanical Engineering

  • Beverage making and dispensing
  • Cosmetics manufacturing
  • Domestic appliances
  • Electrical appliances
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Hygiene
  • Medical equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
Ceramic grinding discs in fully automatic coffee machinesCeramic grinding discs in fully automatic coffee machines

Controlling and Regulating Liquids and Gases with Ceramic Seal and Regulator Technology

Bearings, seals, regulator discs and seal rings made from technical ceramics are the first choice for every pump used in household appliances and electrical appliances – including washing machines and dishwashers.

But no matter what areas of household appliance engineering, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals or the food and beverage industry, and no matter what the variety of different media used: discharging, pumping, regulating, controlling, measuring, grinding, blocking, sealing, compressing, insulating or mixing – ceramic components help increase service life, expand applications, lower operating costs and develop new market segments for products.

Ceramic Seal Rings, Bearings and Sealing Technology in Machines, Equipment and Systems:

  • Axial and radial bearings, bearing rollers
  • Seal discs and seal rings
  • Nozzles and casings
  • Seal rings
  • G rotors
  • Insulators and feedthroughs
  • Grinding discs
  • Pump components and pump casings
  • Seal discs and regulator discs
  • Valves
Rolling bearing rollers made of silicon nitride ceramic

Cyrol® – Bearing Rollers made from Silicon Nitride

CeramTec developed a silicon nitride material and production method to mass produce ceramic bearing rollers at very affordable costs. Cyrol bearing rollers open up a broad spectrum of applications for ceramic bearings and hybrid roller bearings. They meet the technical requirements for roller bearings according to the ASTM F2730/F2730M Class I Standard for salable prices.


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