For Industrial Applications

ROCAR® Silicon Carbide

Tubes, Rings, Bearings, Nozzles or Valves –  ROCAR® Silicon Carbide masters even the toughest Working Conditions

Components made from ROCAR® silicon carbide ceramics are extraordinarily hard, wear-resistant and possess excellent thermal conductivity properties. Corrosion, abrasion or erosion by liquid media are a thing of the past with ROCAR®, as is wear due to friction. What’s more, this material can also be used in the food and beverage industry because silicon carbide is non-toxic.


ROCAR Silicon Carbide materials

Industrial plants in general as well as large-scale chemical plants, food and beverage industry plants or turbine and heating technologies all face the challenge of high material consumption – and thus high material costs. However, metal components quickly reach their limits in these aggressive conditions because the myriad stresses and high thermal load, friction, wear and corrosion can take their toll – alone, combined or even when there is interplay between them.

Useful Information: ROCAR® Silicon Carbide Application Examples

  • Bushings
  • Burner elements
  • Sealing rings up to 1,000 mm
  • Nozzles
  • Ball grinder elements
  • Friction bearings
  • Ball valves
  • Tubes
  • Special components

Mastering challenging Working Conditions

This is where ROCAR® silicon carbide ceramics from CeramTec come into play: Challenging and aggressive working conditions are no match for tubes, bushings, bearings, nozzles, valves or special components in a variety of designs made from this ceramic material.

Components made from ROCAR® silicon carbide are frequently used in chemical plants, mills, expanders and extruders as well as nozzles, friction bearings, sealing or packing rings. Moreover, ROCAR® silicon carbide is non-toxic and therefore even ideally suited for use in the 
food and beverage industry.

“ROCAR® silicon carbide from CeramTec is available as an infiltrated silicon carbide with a coarse or fine grain structure (SSiC or SiSiC).”

Resistant to all Chemical Media

Components can be used at Temperatures up to 1,600°C

ROCAR® silicon carbide ceramics are resistant to all chemical media. Since no metallic silicon is present in the matrix, it can be used at temperatures up to 1,600°C without decomposition or impaired strength. One of the unique properties of ROCAR® is its outstanding axial dry-press performance in large-scale series production, which in turn results in superior process reliability combined with lower manufacturing costs.

ROCAR Silicon Carbide materials
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