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Ceramic Components for Wind Power, Photovoltaics & Co.

Environmental Technology & Renewable Energies

In the field of renewable energies and environmental technology, components made of technical ceramics can confidently be called "invisible heroes": Hardly visible, they enable numerous innovations and efficiency increases with their outstanding properties - from photovoltaic systems to wind energy to hydropower and other applications in the field of environmental technology.

Let yourself be inspired by the versatility & performance of technical ceramics - a real driver of the energy transition!

Ceramic Components for the Solar Industry

Components made of technical ceramics enable efficiency increases in various areas of photovoltaic systems and have a positive effect on durability:

Sun shining on solar panels
  • Ceramic mill linings are often used in the processing of glass raw materials due to their heat resistance.
  • Wear-resistant bearings and bushings made of technical ceramics are used in the drives of tracked photovoltaic systems.
  • Ceramic insulation rings are suitable for thermal decoupling in solar systems.
  • Ceramic rollers enable precise rolling of flat wires in PV systems.
  • Ceramic heat sinks protect components in CPV/HCPV (high-concentration photovoltaic) systems from overheating.
  • Substrates made of high-performance ceramics are ideally suited as substrate material.
  • Last but not least, ceramic plasma chambers are used for coating solar cells.

Ceramic Solutions for Wind Turbines

Properties of technical ceramics such as hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. are also increasingly in demand in the ever larger and more complex wind turbines:

  • Rolling bearings have to withstand enormous forces. In the bearings of the rotor, generator and gearbox, ceramic rolling elements ensure a long service life and short maintenance intervals compared to metallic variants. Another advantage is their electrical insulation capacity.
  • When machining components for wind turbines, cutting materials and tool systems made of technical ceramics allow tight tolerances and high surface qualities to be achieved. Components that require special machining solutions include large bearings for towers and rotor blades, rotor hubs, planetary carriers, gearbox housings and gearbox components.
  • Electronic high-performance components such as ceramic substrates and heat sinks are becoming increasingly important in wind turbine generators in order to meet the complex technological requirements.
Wind turbines in nature

Applications in Environmental Technology

Technical ceramics are also widely used in other areas of energy and environmental technology thanks to their unique properties:

Biogas plant at sunset
  • Piezoceramic sensor elements enable precise control of processes and systems in environmental and energy technology. These sensors are used, for example, in level and flow measurement as well as leak detection.
  • Piezoceramic components are used in the exploration of marine topography and sedimentology and help in the planning and implementation of off-shore wind farms.
  • Ceramic filters are convincing in water treatment and in sanitary technology, technical ceramics can avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Sliding rings, bearing bushes and shells are preferably used in pumps of hydroelectric power plants.
  • Our tensiometer cells for soil analysis enable farmers to grow their crops using high technology by detecting irrigation needs.
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