Sensor Design Expertise Meets High Volume Production

Next Generation Flow Sensors

Extensive ring-up time, high costs during calibration, unpredictable zero flow offset - do you recognize any of the issues? CeramTec combines extensive sensor design experience with automation excellence to result in a new generation of high-quality flow sensors for high volume. Ideal for use in potable water, heat metering and gas metering applications, and designed using our world class piezoelectric materials, combined with our expertise in transducer design and manufacturing, this product range is designed to be compliant with all international standards for industrial water and gas metering.

Benefit from:

  • High sensitivity, fast response, good reception and transmission behaviour
  • Reliable operation: under high pressure, in a wide temperature range and in various environments, suitable for devices subject to calibration
  • Stable and consistent measurement results, stable zero flow deviation over the entire temperature range
  • The transducers are designed to meet MID approvals and exceed lifetime requirement
  • Wetted surfaces are made from WRAS approved materials
Liquid and Gas Flow Sensors Piezoceramics

Example Applications:

CeramTec wide range of piezoelectric materials and custom sensor capabilities supports applications like:

  • Meteorology (anemometers and rain sensors)
  • Flow metering (liquid and gaseous media)
  • Level/distance sensing
  • Leak detection
  • Non-destructive testing 
  • Process control and Industry 4.0 sensing demands


Advanced Ceramics and Ultrasonic Technology for Medical Applications
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