Designs with Piezo-ceramics

Versatile Design for Piezo-ceramic Components

The applications for piezo-ceramic components and the materials precisely tuned to them are as varied as the options available for their design.

Piezo-ceramic components

Shapes Typical dimensions (1)
Perforated and solid discs



5 mm –120 mm

0,2 – 30 mm




5 mm – 120 mm

< 30 mm

Rectangular body




3 mm – 120 mm

2 mm – 120 mm

0,2 mm – 30 mm

HemisphereRadius up to approx. 25 mm


Standard tolerances

±1 % of the respective dimension

± 0.05 mm for ground thicknesses

± 0.1 mm for unmachined thicknesses up to 10 mm

± 10 % at specified resonant frequency (2)


1) Reference values which may be higher or lower depending on customer specifications. It is not possible to combine extreme values.

2) In some resonant applications it has become standard practice to specify the resonance frequency (defined via the frequency constant) instead of a mechanical dimension.
Example: Disc made of SONOX® P4 Ø 20 mm ± 0.2 mm x 1 MHz ± 10 %. 1 MHz is the resonance frequency of the thickness-mode oscillation of the disc, corresponding to a disc thickness of approximately 1 mm.

Piezo Ceramics Compilation

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With the acquisition of the Electro-Ceramics Division from Morgan Technical Ceramics, CeramTec has broadened its already extensive range of piezo-ceramic materials and products.