Proven Cartridge Systems for a renowned Sanitary Fitting Manufacturer

CeramTec OEM cartridges

Integrating the cartridge production unit from Ideal Standard Germany in the CeramTec Group expanded CeramTec’s sanitary fitting production portfolio to include complete, ready-to-install cartridge systems.

The different large scale production OEM cartridges CeramTec manufactures for single-handle mixers and two-handle mixing units are installed in Ideal Standard’s line of sanitary fittings which include the robust Ceramdisc® seal and regulator discs at their core.

Research and Development for the Sanitary Industry

Cartridge test center

Its state-of-the-art test center in Wittlich allows CeramTec to satisfy the stringent demands of the sanitary industry.

In our test center, CeramTec offers sanitary fitting manufacturers a wide range of testing options to thoroughly analyze the performance of its cartridge systems in real operating conditions. The center tests the broad range of single-handle mixers, two-handle faucets and diverters.

Test Center Testing Options
  • Hydraulic test rig with pressure peaks up to 200 bar
  • Service life test rig with 6-axis robots
  • Noise development and acoustics test rig 
    (according to DIN EN 3822)
  • Tribology test rig for ceramic seal discs
Cartridge Test Center Additional Services
  • EDX electron microscopy
  • Surface analysis and image analysis using optical microscopy
  • Chemical analysis
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Laser interferometer flatness measurement
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