Advanced Electro Ceramics

Piezoceramic Composites

The Technical Ceramics business of CeramTec supplies piezoceramic composites to satisfy the divergent requirements of a wide variety of ultrasound and sonar applications.

We offer a range of standard 1-3 piezoceramic composites and a large range of custom 1-3 and 2-2 piezoceramic composites.

Piezoceramic composites are made with a diced piezoceramic material and a polymer infill material tailored to achieve the required acoustic properties.

Standard 1-3 Piezoceramic Composite Material

We have a standard range of 1-3 piezoceramic composite parts available in PZT5A1, PZT5H1 and PZT401, normally supplied in plate form up to 40 x 40 mm.

Alternative sizes and geometries such as discs are available upon request.

Standard parts are available in frequencies from 200KHz to 1 MHz (10 - 2 mm thick).


Custom Piezoceramic Composite Material

Our Piezoceramic composite solutions are based on either 1-3 or 2-2 architectures and tailored to customers’ requirements.


Piezoceramic 1-3 Structure

The 1-3 structure is so named because pillars of ceramic are continuous in one dimension, while the Polymer is continuous in all three dimensions.


Piezoceramic 2-2 Structure

In the 2-2 structure, both the ceramic and the polymer filler are continuous in two dimensions with lengths of ceramic and polymer arranged in parallel.

These can be supplied in a wide range of materials, geometries, volume fractions and sizes.

Using our state of the art ceramic forming and dicing capabilities we produce some of the most technically advanced Piezoceramic composites in the world. We work closely with our customers to meet their specific requirements. To see how we can assist you with your Piezoceramic composite product, contact us today.