Advanced Electro Ceramics

Ultrasonic Level Sensing for Medical Applications

Our ultrasonic level sensors are utilised in a wide range of fluid sensing applications in the medical industry.

CeramTec design and manufacture bespoke sensors for the medical market, in applications including liquid drug handling, dialysis and contrast injection. Our research & development facility and manufacturing expertise to ISO13485 standards enables customisation for customer specific requirements and applications.

Level sensing has three primary measurement techniques:

  • Send/receive acoustic signal using two sensors
  • Pulse/echo acoustic signal using one sensor
  • Impedance monitoring; the impedance of the sensor ceramic changes on detection of water or air


Non-Invasive Level Sensors

Non-invasive level sensors have the capability to measure the level of a fluid without contacting it. They are utilised in any application where the fluid in question must be sterile. Common applications include blood level measurement, drug administration and hazardous liquid measurement.


  • Excellent measurement range; adjustable for containers from as small as 15mm up to 300mm*.
  • Ease of use; attaching the sensor only requires wrapping the adjustable strap around the container.
  • Use of acoustic coupling gel not required – easily removable, reusable and leaves no mess
  • Can be used both as a point level sensor or a continuous level sensor (for depth measurement).

*Larger or smaller distances can be measured upon request

Electronics packages to drive the sensors and provide analogue outputs or digital “status” outputs can be developed and supplied specific to your exact requirements.

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Medical Sensors