Advanced Electro Ceramics

Custom Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

The Technical Ceramics business of CeramTec specialises in the design and manufacture of Piezoelectric ceramic components and ultrasonic sensors for flow measurement. Custom Flow Sensors can be produced for a range of applications such as flow measurement used in industrial, medical and oil & gas markets.

For medical applications, sensors can be designed to be very small to enable them to be used tight spaces including invasively.

Similarly, all transducers can be designed to operate both invasively and non-invasively depending on tube materials.

Using our Piezoceramic materials, ultrasonic sensors with exceptional performance can be supplied for both gas and liquid flow measurement. For gas applications the use of high quality matching layers is particularly important. For liquid applications the design and manufacture of sensor housing is particularly important to ensure the sensor is able to operate reliably under high pressure and within a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions.

Rapid Prototyping

Using our industrial partners’ CAD/CAM links, 3D CAD models can be converted into sample parts by rapid prototyping enabling a design to be “visualised” prior to committing to expensive tooling. Our in-house sensor test facilities are used to ensure we arrive at the best possible design solutions for our customers' needs.

FE Modelling

We also have the capability to FE model transducers in combination with the flow tube to estimate the receive response across a channel.

This allows us to optimise the acoustic design of the sensor to meet the accuracy needs of our customers’ meters.

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Ultrasonic Sensors